I write health & wellness content that brings your audience from
🥱 to 😍

Clinical. Sterile. Soulless. Why let your website copy and blog posts be any of those?

Inject fun, personality, and humor into your messaging. Cut through the yawns. Steal hearts.

Claim an irreplaceable spot in your customer’s mind — and leave your competitors scrambling.

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I help big & small brands find that extra oomph

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You’re unhappy with your …

Website copy

You have valuable, impactful products and services. You know your customers would love them.

But your website’s letting you and your visitors down. It’s not doing a very good job showcasing what your business has to offer.

Instead of being your hardworking, 24/7 sales rep that steals hearts and closes deals, all it has achieved so far is:

  • Tear-inducing bounce rates
  • Put you, your employees, and your visitors to sleep
  • Put off repeat purchases

Blog posts

Invest in blog posts, they said. It’ll do drool-worthy things, like: Boost brand awareness and authority. Generate leads. Deepen relationships. Build trust. Improve conversions.

For your business, though?

You’re still hoping your blogging ROI will (miraculously) turn positive … someday. Because right now, your blog posts:

  • Get buried deep in search results (page 22 and still not there)
  • Average 5 reads … monthly
  • Convince absolutely zero of your readers to buy

Your business deserves better. You deserve better.

  • Grab your audience’s attention

  • Get visitors excited — no, tripping and scrambling — to buy

  • Encourage organic word-of-mouth marketing

  • Stand out from your (boring) competitors

  • Jamie (Terrakai Skin)

    I have worked with Gene for over 2 years and with 2 companies now! I have already recommended her to my friends (who are now working together)! Gene is incredible at what she does and I will absolutely be in touch with her as soon as my next project is up and running. Thank you Gene!

  • Ivan (Sirma)

    Gene was simply amazing - followed our instructions to the letter. Put in the time to research and added real value and creativity to the article. Delivered on time and revised quickly and efficiently where needed. We would definitely work with her again in the future!

  • Grace (Grace Mountain)

    Gene has helped me with every part of copywriting on my website, and we are extremely happy with the work. We've already seen a positive result in our rankings and feedback from new potential customers.

A closer look at my secret sauce

I specialize in health & wellness.

Health and wellness is a complex, fast-changing industry, and consumers are getting smarter and savvier.

Your content needs to be backed with up-to-date research to build credibility.

The problem? There’s an ocean of studies to sift through. 

That’s where I come in. As a subject matter expert who works extensively with health and wellness businesses, I have the industry knowledge and expertise needed to source for — and make sense of — credible research to support your brand.

I know how to speak to your audience.

While your audience may be interested in learning about the science behind your products, that doesn’t mean they want yawn-inducing content that reads like a textbook.

I translate complicated scientific language into plain language.

I then sweat over specific word choices and phrasings to ensure your messaging mirrors the language your audience uses, maximizing persuasiveness. (Research shows we’re attracted to people who’re just like us!)

I write with SEO in mind. Always.

SEO has ~20x more traffic opportunity than PPC. But … how did they get that number?

Because the closest word that describes the state of your organic search traffic is “non-existent”. Unless you find more ad money to burn, your audience won’t come to you. That gets expensive. Real fast. 

Enter effective keyword research. Optimizing your content for what your audience is (really) searching for amplifies the discoverability of your website without you having to pay for more ads

But, of course, you don’t have to concern yourself with the nitty-gritty of keyword research. I’ll take care of it for you.

I know how to stay claim compliant.

How you phrase the benefits of your product matters.

Use the wrong word, and you risk getting into trouble with regulators. Best case scenario? You get a complaint. Worst case? You get sucked into costly, time-consuming lawsuits. You win in neither.

That’s where I come in. After years of working with health and wellness brands, I know what to say to keep you safe — and still put across an irresistibly compelling offer your audience will struggle to turn down.

  • Neil (HIIT Academy)

    Gene was absolutely awesome to work with. A total professional. You can tell this is not just a side hustle for her, and she approaches this as if from a large company, yet with the personal touch. Flexible, very creative, sticks to deadlines and really communicates well. It is unusual to find freelancers who reach out and keep you in the loop. Gene didn't need to be spoon fed. She took the general concept and did all the work ... such a relief compared to a lot of others. Top quality work, great comms, on time, good price, friendly to work with ... would highly recommend.

  • Paul (Transive)

    Gene has consistently provided us with outstanding content. She has been a very valued member of the team, enthusiastically taking on projects, always delivering to a high standard and on time. An all round star!

  • Lailanie (Johnson & Johnson)

    Gene is a great partner to work with! Excellent turnaround time and high quality work - Thanks Gene!

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Website Writing

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