You've questions. I've answers (hopefully).


Why do I need to provide a project brief?

This is really, really important! I don't take on projects without one.

A good project brief helps me understand exactly what you and your business need. It also tells me your expectations and how I should approach your content.

Most importantly, it helps me assess if I'm a good fit for your brand. If I'm not confident in getting you what you want, I can let you know immediately. The last thing you want is to realize we're not a good fit halfway through the project.

Can I only request for just one blog post?

Unfortunately, no. Blogging is like long-term investing — you won’t see much (if any, really) results from just one post.

Instead, what you need is a regular and consistent content schedule filled with quality blog posts.

Do I need to disclose sensitive customer data to you?

No. And I urge you not to do that — regardless of whether you’re working with me or someone else.

Instead, only provide non-sensitive information. Keep it generic and redact any information that might compromise your customers and business.

I don't have a project brief. Can I share more with you over a call instead?

From my experience, that's not a good idea.

Putting a project brief together can be stressful. I get it. But the good news is you'll often get a much clearer, better-defined idea of what you want out of the process.

And this, in turn, helps me better assess if I’d be a good fit for your needs.

Do you take on all projects?

Unfortunately, I cannot. I handle all aspects of writing, so I have to cherry-pick projects I'll be most effective at.

This helps me get the most out of my limited time. I need off days, too!

Why can't our conversations be over a call?

I believe this works best for both of us!

From experience, while a call may sound “easier” and more “straightforward”, it often becomes messy and poorly structured. Thoughts meander. Conversations get off track. Expectations misalign; things slip through the cracks. Trust me, it’s a whole thing.

So, my preferred method of communication is email. Always, always email. Beyond shaping clarity of thought, our emails also help document crucial project details — like specific deliverables and deadlines — we could refer to when in doubt.

Can you jump through a few interviews? We'd like to know more about you.

The short answer is no.

The long answer? Still no, but here’s an explanation: interviews — much like quantifiable past client results — are pointless. I’d much rather prove my suitability for your business needs through action.

What if I require further edits beyond the scope of the package?

Not to worry, this happens! I'll advise you on the cost on a case-by-case basis.


I'm outside the health and wellness industry. But I'd still like to work with you. Any chances?

Absolutely! Reach out to me with a brief.

I have written enough to know what I can and cannot work on. I'll assess if my skills are a good fit for your niche. If I'm not going to be any good, I'll be honest, so you can continue looking.

Can you show me proven results (e.g., data, charts, numbers)?

No, because it’s not meaningful.

Different businesses get different results even if, strictly theoretically speaking, they run with the same copy. Why? Well, beyond copy, your results depend on countless variables — from market sophistication to product-market fit to advertising budget.

So, why would I showcase the results of client X (no matter how “jaw-dropping” or “phenomenal” they may be) if it’s not replicable? That’s right. I wouldn’t.

Beyond that, another reason I don’t share specific numbers is, once again, to protect the interests of my clients. I don’t think they’d be too happy with me broadcasting sensitive data they shared with me.


Do you only accept USD?

Yes, all prices shown are in USD, and that's the only currency accepted.

My accountant gets really unhappy at the thought of receiving payment in other currencies — so let's not go there.

Can you accept payment by installments?

Unfortunately, no. I don't have the financial flexibility of a larger business to offer that.

Can I make 100% payment only after work is completed?

No, my packages are fully custom services. They are an investment of my time and effort.

The deposit safeguards my interests in the event a client defaults on payment.

Is the deposit refundable?

All deposits made are non-refundable. I cannot provide refunds of any kind — full or partial. This safeguards my interest in providing custom work.


Why do I need to sign a contract before starting?

This safeguards both my interests and yours. But not to worry, I worded it simply, so you won’t need a legal team to go through it before signing (although you definitely could if you wanted to!)

My goal is for the contract to give you peace of mind — rather than a nightmare — before starting work.

Amazing ... you actually read the FAQs.

Ready to send me a project brief?

Send over more details and let me see how I can help you.