Peachy Tuesdays [pee·chee tooz·dayz] (noun)

A provider of fun, engaging, personable, and evidence-based content for health & wellness brands.

Related terms: storyteller, timesaver, stressbuster, traffic generator.

Hey, I'm Gene 👋

I’m the brain (and dare I say fingers?) behind Peachy Tuesdays.

Turning stiff, uninspiring, and jargon-filled content into one that:

  • Keeps readers engaged 
  • Increases a brand’s impact and sales 
  • Supports people in initiating achieving optimal health 

… makes me all heady, swoony, and bubbly in the gut.

And you know what they say: only do work that energizes you.

OK, well, maybe nobody really said it. But I’m pretty sure it’s a thing. Plus, there’s also all that “jack of all trades, master of none” jazz. So, I specialized. 

I help health & wellness brands connect, sell, & make an impact through their content

  • 💬 Put out a message that speaks to your audience’s deepest desires

  • 🤩 Create a memorable online presence — stand out in a Sea of Same

  • 📈 Reclaim the time and headspace you need to scale your business

  • I've worked with many health & wellness brands

    I’ve done a lot of research for a lot of health and wellness brands, from upcoming startups boasting technological breakthroughs to well-established brands with time-tested product-market fit.

    This experience helps me *get* what you’re setting out to do with your business and products in the shortest possible time.

    And the sooner I do that, the quicker you’ll get seen and loved by people who’ll genuinely benefit from what you’ve got to offer.

  • My background is in Psychology

    What’s a degree in Psychology got to do with anything, you ask?

    Oof. That’s a great question.

    First, it gives me the skill set needed to sift out — and make sense of — credible research relevant to your products. Learn more about my evidence-based approach here.

    Second, it has given me a working knowledge of consumer psychology that allows me to identify why your audience does what they do (or don’t), then tap into that to motivate action.

I live & conduct business according to these core values

  • ❤️ Empathy

    Being aware of, understanding, and respecting the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others. Choosing to be kind.

  • 💡 Meaningful work

    Believing in the potential of health and wellness brands to help people improve their well-being.

  • 🌞 Growth

    Always learning to do it better. Making an effort to admit to and learn from mistakes so they don’t happen again. 

  • 🎉 Fun

    Going the extra mile in seeking joy and having fun. Helping others do the same by doing the best work possible.

And ... what's with the name?

Oh, you mean, Peachy Tuesdays?

OK, so domain availability definitely played a part, but another reason is also because I just really like peaches.

They're sweet, juicy, and remind me of summers spend on the beach — with sunshine on my back, sand between my toes, and the sound of waves lapping onto the shore in the distance. Mmm, peachy.

As for Tuesdays? They're my favorite day of the week.

So, there you have it: Peachy Tuesdays.

If you made it all the way down here ...

Why not check out how I can make your Tuesdays peachy?

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