Blog Writing & Content Strategy Package

Get blog posts that earn trust, engagement, and sales.

Backed by a content strategy. All done for you, every month.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to content marketing

But let's be honest. Staying consistent with pushing out content week after week after week can quickly feel like a chore when you:

📉 Can obviously see that your target audience aren't engaging with your blog posts

🥴 Feel directionless with your content creation; thinking of what to write next is always a struggle

🤹 Have to sacrifice time and headspace you could have spent on other business-growing activities

What if you could publish genuinely helpful blog posts that get you clicks & conversions month after month ...

Without second-guessing every draft you write? Without settling for "screw it, it's just a blog post"?

No, that's not too good to be true.

Because that's exactly what you'll get with the Content Strategy & Blog Writing Package.

  • 💬 Define your content strategy, blog's purpose, and goals.

  • 💵 Push out valuable, relevant content that turns potential customers into excited, loyal buyers.

  • 💨 Build lasting brand authority that'll leave your competitors eating dust.

  • A comprehensive business questionnaire

    To collect details about your business (i.e., your offerings and target audience) and goals so I understand exactly what you're looking for.

  • Thorough content audit

    To evaluate all existing blog posts (if any) against your key objectives. We'll keep those that gel, potentially delete those that miss the mark completely, and repurpose the others that fall in the middle.

  • Custom Content Strategy Guide (Quarterly basis)

    Packed with strategic topic clusters that'll engage your audience through all stages of the buyer's journey and boost your website's authority in search engines' eyes.

  • Done for you SEO

    We're talking:

    • Up to 5 targeted short- and long-tail keywords weaved naturally into each article
    • Keyword-rich meta-descriptions and title tags
    • Key insights and tips for long-term SEO success
  • 1 round of complimentary revision

    To give you content that makes you go, "OMG, you f*cking knocked it out of the park!" (actual client words!)

  • Sweet, sweet relief

    Because, now, you won't need to create any of the following yourself:

    • A cohesive marketing strategy
    • Engaging, valuable content
    • Attention-grabbing headlines
    • SEO optimized blog posts
  • 01 — Reach out

    Reach out to me with a brief here, and if we seem like a good fit, I'll get in touch within 48 hours with all the details needed to start working together. *rubs hands in glee*

  • 02 — Foundational Work

    We’ll begin by looking at what’s working and not working with your existing blog posts (if any).

    From there, we’ll dive into the specifics of your business — your product/service, unique value proposition, target audience, and objectives.

  • 03 — Research & Strategy

    I dig deep into:

  • 04 — Create Custom Strategy Guide

    I’ll transform my findings into a concise, one-pager Content Strategy Guide and send that over for your approval.

    We'll also take the chance to iron out a publishing schedule that works for you (e.g., receive blog posts on a monthly or weekly basis).

  • 05 — Write Blog Posts

    This is where you'll find me writing, of course, but also:

    • Plunging into the depths of all relevant studies, so all your blog posts are claim-compliant and backed with solid science
    • Implementing formatting techniques (think: short paragraphs, skimmable headlines, and visual breaks) to keep your audience engaged
  • 06 — Feedback & Edits

    I hand over the polished blog posts.

    You get 7 business days to provide feedback, and, we'll work through any necessary edits till you're 100% satisfied. Note: every article has 1 round of revision built in.

    > 3 months of collaboration will see us repeating the content planning sessions every quarterly.

  • Niki (NOVI Health)

    Gene is an absolute superstar. I loved having her as a part of our team. She is meticulous and gets the job done. She's been an amazing team member, helping me create a style guide, reviewing and updating our SEO metadata, and keeping our content consistent. I'd very much love to work with Gene again when the opportunity arises. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Erin (Bauerfeind)

    Gene was fantastic to work with! She is very efficient, was able to take a blog concept and run with it, and the content produced was high quality and included well-researched facts and interesting tips. We'd definitely hire Gene again!

  • Spencer (Theraply)

    Gene's content writing skills are excellent. She took time to research my niche and verticals, and asked sensible questions to fully understand what it was that I required of her. Her deliverables required very little editing and they were handed in very punctually. I recommend picking Gene for anyone who needs well written content that has a personal voice to it.

  • Ivy (Heartland Physio)

    Gene is a talented writer, but what's more, she is willing to listen to your needs and requirements before working on your project — to understand, then to be understood. By understanding my requirement, she was able to give me good suggestions. Recommended and will consider working with Gene if I have any next project.

Your investment?

Package price: from $500/month

Collaboration period: at least 3 months

A recap of what you'll get:

  • A comprehensive business questionnaire
  • Thorough content audit
  • Blog articles
  • Custom Content Strategy Guide (every 3 months)
  • Done for you SEO
  • 1 round of complimentary revision per article

Looking for the FAQ section? You found it 👀

When should I apply for the Blog Writing & Content Strategy Package?

The Blog Writing & Content Strategy package waitlist is generally booked 2 to 3 weeks in advance. So, if you’re thinking about exploring a partnership, let’s talk about it early! You’ll get an exact timing estimate after you fill out an application. 

Can I give you admin access so you publish the articles directly?

Of course! I’m happy to take publishing off your plate at a small monthly fee (which varies according to the number of blog posts you require per month).

Could you source images for me?

Yes! I could help you source high-quality, copyright-free stock images to include with your blog posts if needed.

Will you be providing meta-descriptions?

Yep! Every blog post will come complete with a meta-title and meta-description that have been optimized for maximum discoverability on search engines. 

How long will we work together?

Blogging is a long game — you won’t see instant results. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to your face. That said, with the right strategy and some persistence, it shouldn’t take you years to see real cash-in-the-bank results, either. In most cases, you should expect to see an uptick in traffic (and, thus, sales) within three to six months. 

That’s why the Content Strategy & Blog Posts Package requires a minimum time commitment of 3 months.

How do I pay? And do you have a refund policy?

Specific payment terms will depend on the number of months we work together. However, in most cases, you can expect to receive a monthly invoice as an upfront payment for the deliverables due that month. 

You can easily pay online via bank transfer, PayPal, or any major credit card. 

Due to the nature of custom services, a refund will not be offered after project work starts. My goal is for you to scream, “Oh f*ck yes!” after you’ve received your articles. And if you don’t, I’ll work to make that happen.

Can you also write my website?

Of course! I also offer website copywriting services. Feel free to ask me how you can get blog posts and website copy for a bundle price. 

Can you do just one blog post for me?

In general, the go-to answer is no. That’s because blogging is a long-term investment. You can’t expect results from a single article. That said, exceptions may apply — for example, if you’d like me to write a guest blog post. Feel free to get in touch, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Made it all the way down here, huh?

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