Take a peek at my evidence-based approach to writing

A stringent 3-step process that helps you provide engaging, accurate, and credible content you'll proudly stand behind.

As a health & wellness brand, you know that

Evidence-based content helps you build trust, credibility, & authority

But actually creating it?

Yeah, that can be a real headache — because you'll need to find a way to straddle the fine (almost microscopic!) line between being:

✅ Scientifically accurate and ...
❌ Dry, boring, and jargon-filled

✅ Compelling and ...
❌ Making exaggerated/false claims

✅ Easy to understand and ...
❌ Oversimplifying scientific concepts and ideas

Good news: you can hand it off to me

Cue, *big sigh of relief*

  • 🤿 Dive into reputable sources for the highest level of evidence available

    Not all research is created equal; some are better-quality (and, thus, more trustworthy) than others.

    Learn more about how I use the evidence pyramid to separate the gold from the noise below.

  • ✨ Translate scientific findings into plain language without dumbing it down

    Plain language isn't:

    • Baby talk
    • Oversimplification
    • Over-generalization

    Instead, it's writing that's clear, easy-to-digest, and scientifically accurate.

  • 🔗 Cite all scientific sources used

    Improve your site's credibility and search rankings. Make connections in your industry. Offer more value to your visitors.

    Also makes fact-checking, updating, and re-purposing your content a piece of cake. *yum*

Meet ... the evidence pyramid, an easy way to visualize the quality of a research

  • Evidence pyramid that shows increasing quality of evidence as you move up

At the top of the pyramid, you'll find filtered evidence.

These resources (i.e., systematic reviews and meta-analyses) represent the strongest evidence because they've undergone critical review.

At the base of the pyramid, you'll find unfiltered evidence.

These resources (i.e., randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, and case reports) have not been appraised for quality. This means they're "weaker" evidence than those at the top of the pyramid.

👉 I dig through all relevant sources so your content is backed up with the highest level of evidence available. Always. 

  • Doubt the quality of your published content.

  • Constantly agonize over unbacked claims.

  • Lose customers to terminology-crammed chunks of text.

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